HITS provides telephone and video interpreting in more than 140 languages and dialects, via conference-calls at the specified time and date.

Telephone and video interpreters provided directly by HITS are fluent and literate in both target languages, conversant with the terminology across a wide range of public services and committed to the ethics of public service interpreting (e.g. impartiality and confidentiality).

Telephone and video interpreters provided by HITS are criminal-checked at the appropriate mandated level and have an established Right to Work.

Telephone and video interpreters provided by HITS are located within the UK.

In many circumstances, a telephone or video interpreter may be the most effective and cost-efficient means of providing language support. For example:

  •  For a rapid response to urgent and unexpected issues.
  •  For very short consultations or meetings
  •  In cases where anonymity is preferred.
  •  For unplanned or ‘walk-in’ consultations.
  •  When your client or patient is not present on-site (thereby reducing travel time and costs)
  •  For routine enquiries, bookings and cancellations of appointments/interviews.
  •  For very rare or difficult-to-source languages

If you would like to book a telephone or video interpreter, please call HITS on 01442 867212 or email: interpreting@communityactiondacorum.org.uk